About Us

About Us


To help people achieve their dream of parenthood by providing comprehensive, evidence-based, personalised and affordable fertility treatments in a nurturing environment. 


To drive excellence in the field of Reproductive Medicine and be the most preferred fertility centre for exceptional patient care and consistent clinical excellence.


  1. Compassion : We understand the pain couples endure when their dream of becoming parents cannot be attained. We listen to them and guide them through every step of the process of achieving parenthood.
  2. Dedication : Our team of experienced doctors and skilled staff are committed to providing holistic fertility services and treatments for our patients without compromising their emotional well-being.
  3. Quality : We maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of fertility patient care.  Our world-class IVF lab, installed with air handling units to maintain an appropriate lab environment and equipment with international standards, stands testimony to the quality we adhere to.

    We also have a well-thought-out Quality Management Program that fosters a culture of continuous improvement of our services.

  1. Integrity : Our principles are firmly rooted in honesty that relies on ethical practices, transparency, and respecting patients’ privacy.
  2. Perseverance : It always seems impossible until it’s done! There is never a 100 % success rate with fertility treatments. However, we ensure that we give our 100% in everything we do and never let the odds keep us from helping our patients achieve their dream of parenthood. 
  3. Teamwork : At Plan B, we believe that the success of any fertility treatment relies on teamwork and everyone in our team puts in their best. Our team of specialists in Reproductive medicine, Embryology, Andrology and support staff,  will partner with you in the journey of parenthood to make it safe and seamless.

Our Team

We are a passionate and integrated team of Fertility specialists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Nurses and support staff who are committed to helping you achieve your dream of parenthood. We value your trust in us and believe that quality patient care begins with trust, communication and empathy.

Dr. Dhatri Kumari

Chief Consultant Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist

Dr. Dhatri Kumari has over 15 years of experience in the field of Reproductive healthcare. Know More

Embryologists, are often called your baby’s first babysitters as they ensure the healthy development of your embryos and give you the best chance possible to conceive.

The success rate of any fertility treatment depends on an experienced clinical team supported by a skilled and dedicated embryology team. We at Plan B take pride in having one of the most skilled and experienced Embryology team at our centre.

Infertility isn’t just a woman’s issue! It is estimated that up to half of all infertility cases are because of male infertility. Our Andrologists at Plan B are well trained in all aspects of male infertility and will provide you with the best treatment advice to get the best possible outcome.

Our anaesthetist ensures painless procedures and patient comfort before, during and after the treatment and makes sure that the patient gets discharged the very same day. 

Our compassionate team of nurses work alongside our doctor and act as the primary health care personnel with whom the couples will interact during the treatment process. They assist the patient across various stages of the treatment and ensure their well-being all the while.

Our counsellor and treatment coordinator helps our patients cope with their stress and give them the emotional support they need. They work closely with the clinical team, labs and operative theatres to coordinate treatment for each patient and ensure a seamless process from the beginning to the end of their treatment journey with us. 

Our staff ensures high standards of quality in service and our hospitality. They make sure that our patients get the best possible experience at our clinic and are there to resolve any issues our patients may face. 

Our pharmacists ensure that all the medicines are easily accessible for our patients on their way out for their convenience. They maintain appropriate storage and handling temperatures to ensure the efficacy of all the medicines we provide which play a key role in fertility treatments. 

Our courteous receptionists are a reliable point of contact for all our patients in timely communication, scheduling appointments, and giving our patients the necessary guidance during their visit to our clinic.

Hygienic premises and safety protocols are something we never compromise on. Our housekeeping team ensures the aesthetic upkeep and cleanliness of the clinic.

Together, we as a team are ready to help you. Contact us at the earliest!